The Heart Path Program for Compassionate Leaders


Does this path have heart? If it does, it is good. If it does not, it is of no use.


– Carlos Castaneda

In addition to our organizational coaching and mentoring programs OS offer custom designed programs to fit organizational needs. The programs listed here are shaped and guided by the outcomes of our pre-program diagnostic intervention and are customized to meet the needs of the client organization. All programs focus on heart knowledge integrated with the mental, physical and emotional intelligence that is contained in the greater spiritual and intellectual wisdom of the ages.

The heart, like the brain, generates a powerful electromagnetic field. Research by the Institute for HeartMath in California has shown that the heart is the most powerful generator of electromagnetic energy in the human body and is an important carrier of vital information that can enhance creativity, connection and access to personal power.

HeartMath findings include the following:

•The heart’s electrical field is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain

• The magnetic field produced by the heart is more than 5000 times greater in strength than the field generated by the brain

• The electromagnetic energy of the heart not only envelops every cell of the human body, but also extends out in all directions in the space around us

• Our cardiac field touches those within 8 – 10 feet of where we are positioned (and perhaps in more subtle ways at greater distances)

• One person’s heart signal can effect another’s brainwaves, and heart-brain synchronization can occur between two people when they interact

This intensive 12 month “heart-based learning” program is designed to bring about a radical transformation in compassionate, heart centered leadership skills through the application of standard OD processes combined with indigenous and shamanic wisdom practices. Our programs are designed to revitalize the Spirit of the client organization, enhance employee satisfaction and productivity while reducing stress, conflict and waste. The program generally consists of three 3–5 day modules spaced 3-4 months apart. Participants leave each stand-alone training with tools to support personal and group projects. Coaching with on-line and telephone support from qualified OS coaches is included in the program. All of our programs are open sourced and we encourage leaders to share their learning with other members of their organization.

The Heart Path program is a process of developing Compassionate Leadership by engaging in practices that integrate mind, body and emotional intelligence. This integration leads to authentic action towards the fulfillment of individual, team and organizational objectives. The Heart Path leader creates an environment of thriving in which he or she demonstrates and encourages others to authentically express and apply their values, commitments and intentions to their work and in the world. This expression honors the unique passion, creativity and spirit of each individual and recognizes the distinctive longing that calls forth the greatest good in each of us.


If we continue to believe as we have always believed, we will continue to act as we have always acted. If we continue to act as we have always acted, we will continue to get what we have always gotten.


–  Marilyn Ferguson

This program is essential for anyone who wants to effectively lead in the complex and changing environment of the twenty-first century. The Heart Path process begins with cultivating presence. The state of focused presence stimulates innate intelligence in order to open the mind to see beyond the familiar and limiting beliefs and assumptions, remedying unproductive behavior patterns. The program ignites a new spirit of passion, commitment to mastery, and freedom to produce results. The Heart Path leadership program will awaken the wisdom of the heart and lead to expanding compassion, clarity and authenticity. In this program participants learn to see with the heart and feel with the mind.

When we let go of our battles and open our hearts to things as they are, then we come to rest in the present moment.


– Jack Kornfield

Module I
The Power of Presence

This module is designed to produce a profound shift from an “outer directed” to an “inner directed” style of leadership. Fundamental to effective leadership is the state of presence. This ability to let go of the past (regrets, resentments, grievances, sadness, bitterness, guilt and remorse – all forms of non-forgiveness) and the future (anxiety, stress, unease, hope, tension, worry – all forms of fear) allows one to operate effectively in the moment with clarity, compassion and precision. Compassion with others begins with having compassion towards ones self. We believe that outer change is a function of inner transformation.


Our true nature is not some ideal we have to live up to. It is who we are right now, and that’s what we can make friends with and celebrate.


– Pema Chodron

This module is about accessing personal power and using it to express positive vision and values into the world. The Heart Path program of leadership mastery allows a shift in relationship power from one of “control over” to being able to effectively influence others. Unlike control, which can be seen as manipulative, influential power is based on values such as appreciation, forgiveness, generosity and respect. It is a function of collaboration and support rather than policing and suppressing. This kind of power fosters greater productivity, fulfillment and trust.


We are evolving from a species that pursues external power into a species that pursues authentic power.


– Gary Zukov

This module is an exercise in seeing beyond limiting perspectives, judgments and beliefs in order to make choices based on values and the desire to do meaningful work. The Heart Path Leader uses these skills to generate greater satisfaction, wisdom, and joy in their work and in their personal life. The promised outcomes of module I are:
• Practice indigenous journey work to access deeper ways of knowing.
• Learn Transformational speaking and listening skills.
• Reduce stress and find balance in work and personal life.
• Develop powerful presentations that fully connect with the audience.
• Deepen the experience of embodied presence.
• Build and maintain responsible trust in self and others.
• Access personal power and group empowerment.

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.


– Goethe


Module II
Heart Path Coaching and Consulting skills

This module introduces another level of skills that enhance the effectiveness of workplace relationships in fulfilling, and supportive ways. By becoming more fully present and reclaiming personal power, working relationships become grounded in trust, commitment and alignment. One of the unique tools used in these programs is to learn how to engage in meditative journey work that has been practiced by shamans and indigenous peoples for tens of thousands of years.

Using new or existing projects participants practice the skills of Heart Path coaching and consulting. Exercises help participants develop and deliver courageous conversations, communicate clearly and build collaborative partnerships. By applying the principles of this program participants develop an authentic and natural coaching style that expresses truth, compassion insight and personal courage. Heart Path coaching supports the pursuit of individual and collective desires of the heart by focusing on our natural genius and interests and matching them with work objectives.


Each person discovers a field of allurements, the totality of which bears the unique stamp of that person’s personality. Destiny unfolds in the pursuit of individual fascinations and interests.


– Brian Swimme

Most project breakdowns can be traced to faulty contracting in the beginning of a working relationship. Establishing clear working agreements and managing the ongoing conversations will bring an effortless and flowing quality to project management. Participants will learn how to dissolve resistance before it occurs and turn conflicts into commitments to action. This module promises to reveal how to:
• Learn how to diagnose with shamanic practices.
• Establish clear working agreements.
• Learn to be a Heart Path coach and consultant,
• Turn conflicts and resistance into commitments to action.
• Increase productivity by learning to make “irresistible offers”.
• Focus your attention on the things that really matter.


The power of imagination makes us infinite.


– John Muir


Module III
Vision and Values in Action

Being an effective leader in the community is about discovering our interconnectedness and learning how to inspire and motivate others. This video interactive module will provide an opportunity to celebrate the magic and inspiration that is possible when we speak from our heart and authentically express our personal values, vision and passion through work. It is about accessing the creative imagination and fulfilling our heart’s desire by engaging the essential questions in life, those questions that will guide us to lead a more productive and fulfilling life.

Those who don’t ask essential questions, don’t find what’s most authentic.


– Phil Costineau

Building on the work done in previous sessions Module III focuses on the full expression of your Heart Path leadership style and how to use this personal style to contribute and make a difference in your work and personal life. This module will support you in creating and nourishing cultures where people feel they belong and can make a difference by doing work that has heart and meaning. Examining how to produce change at different levels of a system will show you how to leverage your impact on an organizational culture. In this module you will:
• Discover your “magic allurement” and how to discover and express it.
• Learn how to produce change at different levels of system.
• Deepen the practice of Heart Path coaching and consulting skills.
• Ignite passion and create alignment in an organizational community,
• Develop breakthrough presentations that inspire and motivate.

Who should attend?

The Heart Path Leadership program is designed for people who want to go beyond the common tips and techniques of most leadership courses, people who see that operating from the heart is as important as using the head. It is for anyone in a management or leadership position that is open to a full exploration of mind, body and emotions as an access to mastery and fulfillment. This is a course for people who understand that results are a product of effective communication grounded in presence and addressing the highest good in all.

To have a firm persuasion in our work – to feel that what we do is right for ourselves and good for the world at exactly the same time – is one of the great triumphs of human experience.


– David Whyte


Other Courses offered by Organizational Shamanism:

Heart Path Coaching Certification Program

This 12-month training and certification process can run concurrently with the Heart Path Leadership program. Working with the principles of Organizational Shamanism coaches will have an opportunity to practice their coaching and consulting skills as they work with participants in the Heart Path Leadership Program. For further information about the application process for this program, please contact an MMI representative.

Presence, Power and Performance

This three and a half-day workshop introduces tools for innovative shamanic coaching and management that enhance our natural Leadership style. This heart-based program is an introduction to “Fulfillment Thinking” and the Heart Path style of Leadership. It empowers participants to manage change and produce results in uncertain and chaotic working environments. Participants will discover new ways to achieve objectives, get more done with less effort and realize their leadership potential. By working effectively with others, participants learn to rekindle the spirit and joy of having their work contribute and make a difference in their organization.

Moving Interactions

Ninety percent of all communication is non-verbal. In today’s fast paced and changing business environment we must learn to use the wisdom, intuition and creativity of our bodies. Many people in organizations are burned out from overwork, under nourishment and becoming numb to body wisdom. In this two-day program you will access awareness you never knew you had. Discover the natural rhythms of the body and how to use this physical awareness to reduce stress, enhance productivity and improve communication skills. Distinguishing our natural body rhythms allows us to become more grounded, focused, present and communicate effectively with whole body intelligence. Body wisdom provides direct access to instinct, intuition and creativity.

The Advanced Coaching Clinic

This intensive personal coaching program provides an opportunity to access your own personal power and design a means for expressing that power in all areas of your life. In depth personal coaching provides an opportunity to truly see ourselves as others see us and adjust our communication to be more effective, creative and compassionate. Through the use of video feedback, dialogue process and personal coaching, participants alter the beliefs and assumptions that shape their actions. Completion of the Presence, Power and Performance workshop or the Heart Path program is a prerequisite for this three-day interactive clinic, which is limited to 12 participants.

Power Presentations

Power Presentations incorporates transformational speaking and listening skills that inspire and enhance rapport with your audience. This course is designed to heighten your ability to relax as well as hear and respond to your clients with authentic, effective and persuasive presentations. In this program you practice self-expression through deep connection with your audience. This 2-day program will give you an experience of yourself that will inspire you and your audience. Limited to no more than 12 participants

Collaborative Communications

This program teaches responsible speaking and listening skills that support empathetic communication and honors our interconnectedness. Building on our strengths, this interactive program presents models and practices that give you the skills of positive reinforcement, collaborative communication and conflict resolution. This two-day heart based communication program will show you how to establish deep and lasting partnerships.

Igniting The Spirit of Performance

Today’s business leaders are increasingly aware of the power of passion and its positive influence on productivity. This course is about igniting the individual and collective Spirit of an organization. Smart business leaders are looking for ways to ignite passion in the workplace, releasing its energy and improving individual and organizational performance. Aligning individual passion with strategic business goals is part of an effective strategy to:
• Learn indigenous and shamanic practices for clarity, focus and creativity
• Make effective hiring & training decisions
• Attract, retain and support the growth talented people
• Become an employer of choice
• Create alignment with the Spirit of the Organization
This two-day course is designed to help teams and individuals identify and pursue their passions in alignment with the needs of the spirit of the organization.

Irresistible Selling

Irresistible Selling presents leading-edge techniques for developing mutual trust and delivering communications, which directly address people’s needs and values. The linguistic and interpersonal skills presented in this course help you and your customer to work together in forming powerful sales partnerships. You will learn how to make offers irresistible through open, authentic communication in this three-day program.

Transforming Conflict

This program shows you how to use the energy of conflict and resistance to establish mutually acceptable conflict resolution. This two-day course explores ways to transform “difficult people” into trusted allies through patience, compassion, understanding and respect. Learning how to turn resistance into commitments to action and addressing underlying concerns will lead to powerful working partnerships in all areas of life.

Collaborative Program Development

While Organizational Shamanism offers pre-designed courses based in both ancient indigenous wisdom and the latest technology in organizational development and human behavior, we believe that the most effective courses are co-designed with input and involvement from the members of our client organizations. To obtain optimal results our clients invest in pre-course diagnostic work to assess the highest leverage needs and follow-up with post-course coaching sessions to give participants time to practice and integrate the newly acquired skills.

These underlying principles shape all of our training programs and consulting services:
• All of our work is open source. We want you to share it with others!
• We work with the whole person, mind, heart, body and spirit.
• Building on strengths and values maximizes the potential for growth.
• Self-discovery leads to greater choice, personal excellence and self-reliance.
• Providing service and contribution to others makes business sense.
• Recognizing and honoring our interconnectedness gives us power.
• Balancing both process and product needs, supports long term results.
• Expressing appreciation, gratitude and forgiveness expands our capacity for
• Focusing on fulfillment generates greater effectiveness, satisfaction and results
• Identifying and communicating the spirit and vision of an organization is essential in creating an aligned workforce.
• Indigenous and Shamanic wisdom has much to offer todays organizations and employees.

For more information on our program and consulting services in Europe and North America please contact us.  Thank you for your interest in Bringing Heart and Meaning into the work place.

Michael Stone
Director of Programs

Organizational Shamanism (formerly MMI)
Bringing Heart and Meaning to Work
Since 1980

Our Commitment

The commitment of Organizational Shamanism is to support the design of work environments, which nurture, empower and fulfill people’s desire to learn, contribute and make a difference. Our courses enable individuals and organizations to bring meaning and compassion to their workplace while producing extraordinary results. Our unique courses create an environment for people to think and act outside limiting beliefs, perspectives and decision-making patterns. Advocating focused attention and responsible choice we combine leadership and communications training with the latest technology and human development, to equip people to meet the challenges of today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

Shamanic journeying is the inner art of traveling to the ‘invisible worlds’ beyond ordinary reality to retrieve information for change in any area of your life – from spirituality and health to work and relationships.


– Sandra Ingerman

Partial Client List

AT & T
Baxter Health
BMG Netherlands
Boeing Aircraft Company
Coherent Auburn Group
Denver Healthcare Group
Essent Group Nevada
The European Union
Frank Russell Company
Freed Graham-Pattern Systems, Inc.
Hewlett-Packard Company
Independent Power Company
KPN Dutch Telecom
Michigan Consolidated Gas
Microsoft Corporation
Monarch Health Care
National Semiconductor
Nevada County Board of Supervisors
Newhall Land and Farming
Pacific Power
PG & E
Pride Industries
Prucare 1
The Prudential
Royal Dutch Telecom
San Francisco AIDS Foundation
Scotia Manufacturing
Sierra Nevada Children’s Hospital
Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital
The State of California DTSC
SUN Mircosystems
Syntex Corporation
Tektronix – Grass Valley Group
The United Way
University of California

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